Pier and beam foundation repair in Dallas

We offer high-quality Pier and Beam Foundation repair in Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas. If you think your house needs foundation repair, don’t delay and contact TXP Foundation Repair at (469)-606-9929 today. Pier and beam foundation offers amazing advantages, which mostly come from the fact that this type of foundation sits on piers that are raised above the ground, creating a crawlspace between the floor level and the ground. Such foundations provide better stability for expansive clay soils and offer better protection against flooding because of the elevation. Availability of a crawlspace mean it is easy to perform foundation maintenance and plumbing repairs.

But Pier and Beam Foundations can fail over a period of time, giving signs and symptoms that you need repair. Small, fine cracks and separated caulking shouldn’t be cause for immediate concern. But if your home is built on pier and beam foundation and you observe the following signs, it means there is trouble and you shouldn’t further delay in seeking a consultation from a professional like TXP Foundation Repair.

  • Sagging, bowing and creaking floors
  • Sloping or sinking floors
  • Unusual creaking
  • Cracks, chipping and bulges on the concrete perimeter wall
  • Cracks in interior and exterior walls
  • Doors and windows that stick
  • Doors and windows that stick
  • Pests and rotten wood
  • Diagonal crack and stair step crack

Our Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Expertise

Finding a reliable and experienced contractor for Pier and Beam repair can be challenging as this type of foundation is much more complicated than slab foundation because of interconnected layers of pier, beam and supporting structures like sills and joists.Repair methods include drainage correction, temporary shoring, removing rotten wood, and foundation strengthening.

Our pier and beam foundation repair in Dallas include

  • Drainage correction
  • Shim installation and stabilization
  • Pier replacement and new pier installation
  • Spread footing
  • Beam replacement
  • Joists installation
  • Upgrading to a new foundation, in case of severe damage
  • Steel or concrete piering
  • Adding ventilation
  • Removal of rotten wood
Our repair team consists of engineers and structural technicians that have in-depth understanding of how this foundation is laid out, what are the things that can typically go wrong with such structures and specific techniques that are used to repair pier and foundation. Settlement due to expansive clay soils and moisture seepage from plumbing leaks and drainage problems are usually the root cause but damage could also arise from poor quality materials, orpoorsoil compaction methods used in original construction as this can impact the load bearing capacity of the supporting structures, leading to structural issues. If you are looking for affordable foundation repair in Dallas or surrounding areas, give us a call at (469)-606-9929 today.

Why Choose TXP Foundation Repair?

  • Experts in crawlspace pier and beam foundation repair
  • Specialize in pier and beam replacement
  • Provide written estimate
  • Certified structural engineers
  • Careful foundation inspection after repairs

We are so happy that we hired this company for our foundation repair job. They did a fantastic job and answered all our questions patiently. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional and reliable service. The best part about them is their friendly customer service.

Dianne W

We will surely give them 5 stars for their honest recommendation. We got quotes from many other companies in the area but finally settled with TXP guys for our foundation repair work that involved floor levelling and fixing some cracks. They did a great job and the owner of the company came over to check the repair when it was done. We are completely satisfied and would be happy to hire them again for any more repair work.


My house had developed some cracks on walls and cleanings. TXP Foundation repair did a thorough job of closing the cracks. Their team also did a thorough inspection and looked out for any red flags that could trouble us later. They knew their stuff. Very impressed with their professional approach of working and dealing with all the questions and concerns I had.

Brian C.

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