Foundation crack repair services in Dallas

For Dallas home owners, noticing cracks in the walls, floors, drywall and brickscould mean immediate need for foundation crack repair services in Dallas. Call TXP Foundation Repair at (469)-606-9929 for a free assessment to figure out whether these cracks are the signs of some serious problem that cannot be ignored and must be addressed right away. Ignoring foundation cracks could lead to costly repairs and decreased value of your home. On the other hand, foundation repair done by professionals will help you sell your house faster, improve its structural integrity and enable home improvement projects without any roadblocks or interruptions. If you notice any signs of distressed foundation and need best foundation crack repair services in Dallas, simply give us a call. We are known for our domain expertise, reasonable rates and unmatched customer service.

Need Foundation Crack Repair in Dallas?

If you notice cracks and don’t know what they mean for your home’s structure integrity, call the experts. At TXP Foundation Repair, we provide highly professional and reliable foundation crack repair in Dallas. Our experts know that not all cracks mean that your structure is failing. Some cracks are caused by minor issues and could be easily fixed by installing proper drainage solutions or by correcting plumbing leaks and drainage issues. We understand what cracks are dangerous and indicative of serious foundation issues. Whether your home has vertical cracks, horizontal cracks, stair step cracks or diagonal cracks, our professionals have the knowledge and experience to determine what underlying problem may be causing these cracks and what approach to take to fix the problem.

Why Choose TXP Foundation Repair?

TXP Foundation Repairs will always provide the most ethical corrective course so that you can get your foundation repaired in the most cost-effective way. We never mislead homeowners into getting unnecessary and expensive repairs, unless absolutely required. If you see signs of foundation issues, call us today to schedule your free evaluation.

  • Through inspection to determine the root cause
  • No obligation estimates
  • Professional foundation crack repair services you can trust
  • Customized approach to address damage
  • Licensed and insured business
Contact us today to schedule your evaluation and get an honest report. We provide the right advice and never push for unnecessary, expensive repairs.

We are so happy that we hired this company for our foundation repair job. They did a fantastic job and answered all our questions patiently. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional and reliable service. The best part about them is their friendly customer service.

Dianne W

We will surely give them 5 stars for their honest recommendation. We got quotes from many other companies in the area but finally settled with TXP guys for our foundation repair work that involved floor levelling and fixing some cracks. They did a great job and the owner of the company came over to check the repair when it was done. We are completely satisfied and would be happy to hire them again for any more repair work.


My house had developed some cracks on walls and cleanings. TXP Foundation repair did a thorough job of closing the cracks. Their team also did a thorough inspection and looked out for any red flags that could trouble us later. They knew their stuff. Very impressed with their professional approach of working and dealing with all the questions and concerns I had.

Brian C.

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